Writing a Blog Post

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Many experts say that the number of words is key when writing a blog post. Some prefer 1200 words per article, which takes over five minutes to read.

That is excellent for sites and writers that are providing detailed information that needs to be digested all at once. But often, writing a blog post is simply a way to update followers on recent events, new items, or the latest sales. Naturally, you don’t need 1200 words to explain these things.

There’s a big difference between marketing and informative articles.

When it comes to engaging readers with your blog or Facebook page, content is always key. That is the one thing that all blog posts have in common. Sometimes, you can get your point across in as little as 100 words, which is great for social media sharing.

If you have a Facebook page, then you don’t always have to create a full sized blog post; you can just post an update on your page, making sure to include follow up links to your website.

Personally, I prefer 200 to 300 word articles and posts, because I know that many readers want you to get to the point and then they move on. Occasionally, I end up writing 500 words and even more without breaking a sweat or giving it a second thought.

That’s the way writing a blog post should be.

If you’re having to make stuff up just get to a specific number of words, chances are that the article will not hold your readers’ attention.

That’s not good.

But that’s why I’m here.

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Meanwhile, here’s a great article on blog posts and word lengths from ThemeGrill.com:


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