Viability of Twitter

What’s happening with Twitter?

You may have seen articles and headlines that are questioning the ongoing existence of Twitter. I have found this topic puzzling, especially in light of the fact that President Trump and his ardent followers as well as his haters, are taking to Twitter multiple times a day.

So, I did some research.

It seems that all of this doom and gloom is based on how many NEW people are signing up for Twitter.

This type of analysis may be quite informative when analyzing the success of new social media platforms, but I find it dubious, at best, when the subject is a solid platform with a dedicated following.

Some of us believe in the viability of Twitter, even while market analysts and dot com researchers claim otherwise. Basically, in my opinion of course, their methodology does not provide an accurate assessment regarding Twitter users.

My opinion is that Twitter is here to stay. At least until the Trump Presidency is over.

Since it is here right now, and at least 18% of Americans are using it, then I would advise everyone to include tweeting as part of a social media strategy.

It’s only 140 characters.

It only takes a minute.

Twitter News:

Twitter is doing away with the forced character counting of your username in the 140 character limited tweet. Usernames will now be located above the tweet, rather than inside the tweet. This is good news for those with long usernames!