The wife of Stephen King

The wife of Stephen King has spoken up and made her voice heard on an issue that should be heard around the world.

We women are more than the nouns that describe us.

We are more than mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, and cousins.

We are more than whatever our job title is.

Keep this in mind when you are addressing people on social media. Address them by their name or however they wish to be addressed.

For instance, if it is widely known that a person has taken another name other than their birth name, then you should use their chosen name. “The artist formerly known as Prince,” comes to mind, a true musical icon and legend that is sorely missed.

While it is appropriate to include a title, especially if it is an academic degree, it is still necessary and proper to call them by their name, their true identity.

Tabitha and Stephen King Denounce Wife Headlines |

Though the gift was Tabitha’s idea, the headlines led with Stephen’s name — and only addressed her as his “wife.”

Thank you Tabitha King.

Stephen King and Tabitha King