This is You – Make it Count

How do you represent yourself on social media? The about section is all about you. Make it count.

Remember, this is literally representing you to browsers, potential clientele and associates, and curiosity seekers – globally.

How can you make your about you section stand out from the crowd?


I was reading Guy Kawasaki’s about me section on his Facebook page and I can only describe it as brilliant. I wonder if we are taking enough time to finesse our about me sections not only on social media, but also on our websites and blogs.

Guy’s starts off with:

“I share enchanting stuff. All the time. In large quantities. And I’m a liberal.”


The great thing about this introductory sentence is that he actually has the resume and reputation to back it up.

But what I love most about it is that this sentence gives you a sense of who he is, and you immediately love him or hate him – and that’s how you attract like minded clientele.


Whether or not you have multiple college degrees is not actually relevant, as long as you have some other interesting accomplishments, witticisms, anecdotes, or other interesting data that you are willing to share with the world.

I believe that an epidemic of unwillingness to share with the world is what is holding many people back from achieving the success they so desire. I’m speaking for myself as well as for online marketers and small business owners in general.

Just a caveat here – I’m not referring to sharing your wild party stories or other potentially offensive behavior. That’s not likely to help you out, and your children might see it some day and be embarrassed.

Remember, like attracts like.


Take note of your best qualities, best experiences, best accomplishments, and even some setbacks and how you overcame them and rewrite your about me sections. Also, throw in some humor whenever possible.

Hopefully, one day, we can all say, “I share enchanting stuff. All the time.”

I share enchanting stuff all the time
Guy Kawasaki quote