Social Media Zen

We live in a chaotic time not only here in America but around the world. So, it should not be too surprising that meditation, yoga, and a plethora of other zen-like modalities are becoming more popular, and more necessary.

Adam Brady has written an article for the Chopra Center detailing the ways one can express his or her highest and best self when interacting with social media platforms.

Social Media Zen
A Zen Moment of sunshine in the forest.

While Brady’s article does not specifically deal with social media marketing, I believe that a little social media zen can be beneficial for all of us.

The eight tips offered in the article offer valuable information that can transform our actions on social media, as long as we become aware. My favorite is tip number 8, which covers the 5 Yamas (rules of social behavior), the most important of which in my opinion is “speak truthfully.”

Read the article:

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