Social Media Marketing Tips from Pros

The best people to learn from are the professionals who have had success. has gathered some incredible social media marketing tips from the pros.

Create a routine, schedule your work flow, prioritize, outsource when needed, and create content that can be used in all seasons  for those times when you’re just too swamped to create.

My favorite tip comes from Andrea Jones:

Decide how far ahead you want to plan and schedule your social media content. For instance, Andrea Jones and her team plan content a week in advance:

“With all of our clients, we schedule content a week in advance. Each client gets a content calendar outline at the beginning of our working arrangement. This outline includes relatively simple things such as ‘On Mondays, we post a quote from the podcast’ or ‘On Thursdays, we start a conversation with a question.”

Having our content outlined and knowing that we schedule a week at a time gives our team the space to be creative within those parameters. Scheduling content goes by faster because the team knows exactly what to post and when. And this leaves us more time to focus on the audience building strategies our clients love.”

You can read the whole article here:…social-media-management-tips