Native Marketing is Deceptive Marketing

Native marketing is the process of integrating your ads into an existing content provider (such as Facebook), so that the viewers will believe they are reading content from the site they are visiting.

do ethics matter
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Is this ethical?

I can’t tell you how many times I have been deceived by this type of marketing. I’m reading and I see something interesting. I want to know more so naturally I click it – and NOOOOOO. It leads me to a separate site and literally wastes my time.

In my opinion, native marketing is deceptive marketing.

If you trick me into clicking on your link, then you will never have my business. I do not believe in rewarding bad behavior.

Besides, if I want to purchase an item or a service, I tend to research it for myself, and then base my decision on reviews, quality of service, quick turn-a-round, and cost efficiency.

Obviously, not everyone takes time to research providers, products, services, or reviews – which is a shame.

Meanwhile, native advertising will whisk them away and possibly make a sale.

I’m not impressed.

The latest harvested data scandal involving Facebook (in the news today), involved luring viewers into taking a survey and getting paid for it. That is how they harvested information. These survey takers actually agreed to let them view their profiles as well as their friends.

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Cambridge Analytica, a company that profiled voters for Donald Trump’s campaign…

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