Marketing Across the Generation Barrier

It’s official.

The millennials now outnumber the baby boomer generation.

According to a Census Bureau Press Release, this takeover happened in 2015.

The press release also stated that diversity is increasing.

“Overall, millennials are more diverse than the generations that preceded them, with 44.2 percent being part of a minority race or ethnic group (that is, a group other than non-Hispanic, single-race white).”

A Dynamic Era

While the they are referring to ethnic diversity, this also impacts social and cultural diversity. Add this factor to the existing technological and digital advancements, and you can see that we are definitely living in a dynamic era.

Nothing stays the same.

Should we change our marketing strategy?

Should this development be a catalyst for changing how we perceive public relations management, digital marketing, and advertising?



from millennials to gen-x to baby boomers


Just one glimpse at the comparison images above, and you can easily see that we are dealing with a more diverse population than ever before.

How we present ourselves to this ever changing world of growing diversity, is paramount to successful marketing across the generation barrier.

Suggestions has an interesting article by Dale McIntyre, with a few suggestions on how to reach new target audiences, without abandoning any current marketing groups.

There’s a lesson to be learned here: To stay competitive, any entrepreneur or business leader has to consider the many challenges of a constantly evolving business landscape, including his or her company’s demographics and consumer trends.

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