How to Increase Your Twitter Following

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Today I want to focus on how to increase your Twitter following, which is something I am working on. Actually, there is a simply strategy that anyone can implement, and it only takes a few minutes a day, or at least a few minutes per week.

The Problem  social media savvy

This morning, I was searching for Twitter accounts that I might like to follow. What surprised me was the number of accounts with very few followers who were following very few people themselves.

Savvy followers will check to see if you are following people back. If not, then they are not likely to follow you unless your Tweets prove that you are worthy of following.

Here’s how I get new followers…

Simply stated: If you want to increase your Twitter following, you must follow back!

It should go without saying that you would not follow accounts that you have absolutely no interest in, or accounts that tweet in another language.

Follow new people, follow back new people, and soon your number of followers will increase.

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Just a few minutes per day or week will help.

Here’s another benefit to following new people at least once or twice per week:

If you follow a new account, then click on that account’s followers (this is what I do when I’m looking for similar accounts), you will notice that your Twitter profile is at the top of the list. That’s right – free advertising.

So look for new accounts that interest you, follow them, then look to see who else is following them. You may find like minded followers using this method.

What if you hate some of your followers?

After you’ve built up your own following, you can weed out the ones that irritate you with too many tweets, or with the topics they share.

Unfollow them by hovering over their account name (link). Their profile will appear and you can click on the “Following” button which will unfollow them.

If you don’t wish to unfollow them, then mute them. Go to one of their tweets, click on the down arrow in the top right hand corner of their tweet, and select mute. Problem solved.

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Why you need to follow and interact with your followers.

Building up a following on social media is crucial to building relationships.

Following is not enough. When someone you follow posts a tweet you agree with, like it, then comment on it. Others who comment may like your profile and decide to follow you too.

I’ve been involved in many great discussions on Twitter feeds. In the past I did not take full advantage of seeking out like-minded people, but I have changed my strategy.

You can too.

Follow me on Twitter – I have two accounts and I follow back 99% of the time.

Contact me below if you wish to hire me to find new quality followers for you.

My fee is $10 for 100 legitimate, active followers that are worthy of following.

You can purchase followers in bulk, but it is not a good idea.

Read this experience in purchasing followers in bulk from

Right after receiving that email I checked my Twitter account and sure enough, the number was correct. However, then I checked the ‘Fake Follower Check’ site again and re-ran the numbers. Now, with 1383 followers, 49%(!) turned out to be fake, 7% were Inactive, and 44% were good. how-i-bought-1-000-twitter-followers


If you’re going to hire a person or a service to get more followers, I advise you to change your password to something you don’t normally use. After the process is complete, change your password back to the one you wish to remain permanent.

The fee for 100 top quality followers is $10. The time varies as it depends on how long the accounts take to follow back, but it should be within a couple of days. There will be no charge for those who continue to follow over the 100.

Fill out the form below and I’ll send you an invoice via Once you have paid, we’ll discuss the details.

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