Hide Groups on Facebooks

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There are times when one might wish to hide their group memberships on Facebook, especially from family, friends, and potential clients.

The process is simple.

How to Hide Groups on Facebook:

1. First, you need to be on your Timeline.

Click on your profile pic to get there.
Below your name and cover photo, you will see the following categories:
Timeline | About | Friends | Photos | More

2. Click on “More.”

At the bottom of that popup menu (scroll down) you will find “Manage Sections.”

3. Click on “Manage Sections.”

In the popup menu that appears, you will see all the features that show on the left side of your Facebook page, indicated by a check-mark.

4. UNCHECK any features, such as Groups, that you do not want to appear.

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You can also rearrange the features of your sidebar by simply dragging and dropping them into place.


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