Google Rules

Bloggers and content providers are always focused on getting listed in the search engines, particularly Google, since that is the most popular one. Unfortunately, algorithms and rules tend to change.

Following is a new warning and some guidelines to follow while seeking SEO (search engine optimization).



One of the methods “some” people are using is guest blogging. They write articles for other websites with back-links to their own site.

Another method is to purchase articles from cheap article writing companies, where the writers know little to nothing at all about the topic they’re discussing. These writers also do not get paid much, but many of them are desperate for the money, so they continue to write.

Google has issued a warning about such sites, due to the increase of spam links plugged into articles without content worthy logic.

How do you remain in good standing with Google?

Focus on content, and don’t stuff too many keywords into your blog posts.

What Google does allow are guest posts and syndicated posts which “inform users, educate another site’s audience or bring awareness to your cause or company.”

Google rules. They matter.

Follow their guidelines.

Hire a freelance writer such as myself, to provide valuable content for your readers, and to help you remain in good standing with Google.  Professional writers take the time to research and verify when writing on topics of interest.

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