Google Plus Shutting Down

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shutting down


Apparently, Google Plus has endured another data leak and therefore will be shutting down four months earlier than planned. They’re shutting down in April, 2019. The article said they’re shutting down the “consumer version,”  which leads one to wonder what else there is.

Google Plus was a good concept in theory, but right off the bat new subscribers were bombarded by gamers, or at least that was my experience. Later, the men desperately seeking a female started bombarding the masses, and they’re still doing it. As time passed, various people speaking multiple languages began to randomly add me to their circles. Why would you want to be in a friend circle with someone whom you cannot communicate with?

Overall, it was not a good experience.

However, I did love the magazine styled layout and the networking concept. It was nice to have your featured image appear so large, to help gather attention. The problem was that I did not have many followers who were actually interested in what I was posting.


In the past few years, Google+ has become a social media platform that caters to specific niches, becoming an alternative platform that is less crowded but has a more passionate community.


Now is the time to download and save your data if you have been posting on Google Plus and you want to keep your posts.

If you’re worried about your data privacy and want to delete your Google+ account right away, follow these instructions from GoldenFrog – How to Delete Your Google + Account.

Make sure to download your content first, using Google’s “TakeOut” service.



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