Creating the Perfect Hook

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Creating the perfect hook for a variety of social media platforms can be difficult. It helps to pay attention to what others are doing with this strategy.

I followed someone new on Twitter, and her response was so great that I had to share it with you. She had the perfect hook in welcoming me as a new follower. creating the perfect hook

What is a hook?

Simply stated, it is writing something so interesting that your readers just have to learn more about it, or about the author of it.

The hook does not have to interest everyone; that would be impossible. All it needs to do is interest those with a similar interest in what you are saying, or offering.

If you visit, you will find that she seems to have a successful practice.

As always, find someone who is successful and follow their blueprint.

Learn from Susan.

Create a good marketing hook, and modify it for use on your social media pages. Click To Tweet

Tip: Today, the most common use of the word applies to songs, so if you are conducting a search to discover more techniques, make sure to include words such as writing, advertising, marketing, etc.

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