Consider Instagram

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has just met another milestone of 700 million users, which is 100 million more than they had in December, 2016. instagram-logo

They also boast more than 1 million advertisers per month.

Should you consider Instagram as a viable means of marketing?

Yes. Especially if your target market is around the same age of Millenials (those born from 1982 to 2004). In the US, 59% of Millenials are active users on Instagram.

You can read about these latest figures at

Even if your target market is not specifically within that category, the large number of users makes it an appealing source for social media marketing.

New to Instagram?

Learn everything you need to know about getting started at Instagram, creating an account, creating a business account, using their app, and using them online, by reading this article at Business News Daily.


butterflyDid you know?

According to Wikipedia…
The word Instagram is a portmanteau of instant camera and telegram.
Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock, with a plan to keep the company independently managed.

Instagram – Wikipedia