Choosing a Memorable Business Name

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Creating memorable ads and business names are two things that can help propel your business to success.

Choosing a memorable business name is one of the most important details often overlooked by many entrepreneurs. However, a great business name is not going to insure success. The creative process must also infiltrate marketing.

A great example of a never-forget-me business name is “Apple and Eve.” This juice company has been in business since 1975, but Apple & EveI just heard of them today because they are not in my area. I can assure you though, that I will definitely try their juices if and when they reach my area. I want to see if the product is as good as the name, which is outstanding.

Perhaps you already have a business name and do not wish to change it. That’s okay. You can do something just as creative and amazing through your advertising.

Plenty of successful businesses obviously did not use memorable names, but yet they achieved success, partly due to the advertising strategy of creating a memorable moment by inserting the business name.

Think about these:

  • Ford Tough
  • NationWide is on Your Side
  • You’re in Good Hands with AllState


Create Memorable Ads

Who doesn’t know what I’m referencing when I say #camel #humpday #Mike ?

What a great television commercial that was. Everyone loved it.


Make the Connection

But do you remember the company the hump-day camel represented?

Honestly, I did not.

Earlier today, Geico aired the following commercial again on TV.



Brilliant commercial, but perhaps they failed at connecting the brand name to the camel.

Maybe if the Geico gecko had been on the camel’s back it would have been easier to connect. After all, the gecko is well known as the Geico mascot. So well known in fact, that it makes one wonder why they feel the need to keep coming up with new ads that do not include the gecko.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it    

Once you’ve found a creative, eye-appealing marketing strategy that connects with consumers, keep it.

Build upon it in new and humorous ways.

Create new story lines. But keep it if it works.

Think of the Gerber baby, Little Debbie, and if you’re old enough, the Little Miss Sunbeam on a loaf of Sunbeam Bread, and the Coppertone Tan girl.