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One of the most important factors to successful social media marketing is a blog with valuable content. Keep in mind that value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Everyone Will Not Love Your Work

Your content does not need to appeal to everyone in order to be of value.

For instance, this blog is focused on social media and includes various topics that are of importance or value to those learning about beginning their online persona, or for those who are learning how to improve the reach and value of their internet presence.

That brings us to another important question.

How do you get blog traffic?

This article provides you with a couple of tips from other articles explaining how a couple of successful bloggers are getting more readers. I’ve included their links so you can check them out.

I. First, we have a fairly new blogger, Kaylee Marie, who shares how she literally doubled her blog views in a week. It’s a great read…

One of Kaylee’s suggestions is to join Facebook Blogger Groups, which is exactly how I found her blog. Good suggestion.

Point to remember…

Keep in mind that VALUE, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Click To Tweet


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II. Second, we have Todd and Leah Rae, who are successfully living the dream while working at home. One of their articles deals with how to master Twitter, which is also an easy read.  While there are many Twitter tools floating around out there, they recommend Social Oomph.

You can choose others of course, but I included this article because they explain exactly how they use these tools to grow their Twitter following.

Another benefit of using Social Oomph aside from their obvious features, is that they also offer an affiliate program, so kindly consider using my Social Oomph link to check them out.


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